Using the visualize change manager

Finding out who did what when and from where

Customers who subscribe to the intlx Solutions Visualize support service have the option to enable command history tracking. This feature will allow your Communication Manager servers to send all change history logs to the cloud. Enabling you to retrieve that past 13 months of change data via a secure web portal.

This video will show you a quick overview of the change manager module in action.


Additional information

The following link contains some additional data on how to interpret the data you will see when using the Visualize Change Manager module. In the report you will see data similar to the following

  • What user made the change
  • When the change was made
  • The source IP address of the change
  • What resource was changed (station/trunks/vdn etc)
  • What field(s) on the resource changed
  • The old field value
  • The new field value

Screen show of Visualize Change Manager

Screenshot 2019-04-23 09.49.25

We will be able to determine the login id, the command that was run and from what IP address the change originated from. In addition we can also see what value was changed on the form because the old data value and the new data value are listed in the output. We also have the time of the change in the right hand column.

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