List trace command - station tracing

This article will show you how you can station activity in Avaya Communication Manager (CM)

Tracing stations in CM is one of the most common uses of the list trace command. With the list trace station command we can watch a users activity and make and receive calls.

Pressing buttons remotely

In order to make and receive calls we need to determine which button number we want to press with our list trace command. Each station in CM follows a fairly similar button map. Your first call appearance usually will start at button 7.

Screenshot 2019-02-25 20.47.28

If we were to run the command list trace station 45057/7 our station would go off hook. Note that there is no space between the last digit in the extension the button number we want to press.

If we want to make an outbound test call we can run list trace station 45057/11 and this will cause our station to go off hook and dial the number shown on the auto dial button on button position 11. Assuming you are able to answer that test call you can hang up and place extension 45057 back into an idle state.


When placing test calls with the list trace command we recommend placing a release button on the phone so you can hang up the station if a call were to fail.

Also let your users know when you do this because you can sometimes startle users who may not expect their phone to go off hook.